Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jan. 19, 1999.

Now that exams are over, I'm going to do something that I'd wanted to do, but couldn't, a few days ago. I'm going to make some lists!

Not boring lists, though, don't worry--cool ones! ^_^


Subjects I Will Never Take Again:

1. Physics!!! (ugh) *grins*
2. Math, after next year!
3. Chemistry
4. French, also after next year

See, I plan on saying "byebye, sciences, hellooo, arts!" when I go into undergrad.

Before I do the next one--well, actually, I'll incorporate this into the next one! It's nameless:

1) I will never not let myself be happy.

Hannah does that. She won't let herself be happy. I don't know if it's on purpose, but it's going to fuck her over tons of times, in her life. Hannah acts so proud of being down on the world, but it's so not good for you in the long run. I'm so totally glad I'm an optimist!

It's like she won't let herself feel happiness, or have fun. She says she didn't have fun with me, today--I figure, that's her problem. It's sad, but only she can fix this for herself, by letting herself have fun.

2) I will try to understand, but never assume that I do, unless I have been through the same thing.

3) I will subtly tell Izzy off, the next time he tries to bullshit me. If he says we're his "real, true friends", I'll laugh, and mock-jokingly say "yeah, right. You've got a wacky sense of humour, hon." Or something like that. Tell him that if we were his "true friends", he wouldn't constantly ditch us. If he says "I'll call you", I'll give him a slightly bitter smile and say "No. You won't."

There are others for this list--many, and I'll continue to add to it as I live, and grow, and change.

Oh, and one more:

4) If I ever get what I consider to be a real opportunity, I will go up to my Enigma Boy, and find out his name, and his age. I'll be scared shitless, but I'll ask him myself!

I've been looking for him everywhere, but I have yet to see him again. Any further sightings will surely be recorded, with subsequent drooling!

Now, another good one which I will add to as I go on in life:

Things I Will Do When I Have My Own T.V. Show(s) Or Comic Book Series:

1) I will not consider myself God. I won't do the Chris Carter thing people so complain about. I'll stay, to a good extent, humble and modest. I will not act almighty.

2) I will be very careful and particular with plot, scripts, themes, and their continuity. Unlike Joss, I can count.

3) I will not be afraid to risk major wrath, and kill main characters. People may hate me for it, but so be it. I'd rather have that, than just do the usual "let's-not-kill-anyone-important-off" thing. My way is more daring, and more interesting.

4) I will write & direct all the really important episodes of any TV series.

5) I will proof-read all scripts myself.

6) I will not go overboard with certain plot devices, character traits, characters, etc.

7) I will keep in mind that you can't please everyone all the time.

8) I will give my personal favourite characters, major or minor, lots of screen time.

9) I will still try to distribute screen time evenly amongst the characters.

10) I will join mailing lists & post on message boards, or whatever they'll have at the time, and see which characters the fans would like to see more of (like fan groups).

11) I will read and encourage fanfiction. I may even write some about my own and others' shows, if I have the time.

12) I will not take fan criticisms too personally, nor too much to heart, (see #7), but I will keep the reasonable ones in mind.

13) I will be open, personable (if, perhaps, still shy), and approachable to the fans.

14) I will never give up.

That's it for now! I'll add more as they come to mind!

Love ya, Nikki-chan!

- Vale

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