Friday, April 23, 2010

Dec. 26, 1998.

There are times when I can't believe how huge my ego is! See, today, when I went on one of the chats, Brodie was on, and we were doing the whole joking-flirting thing that a lot of people there do with their friends, and I just started thinking "what if Brodie really does have feelings for me?"

I know, I know, really egotistical! I can't believe how swelled my ego must be, to think things like that! *rolls eyes, grins* So, anyway, I called him the "third big brother I never had", and hoped that that would make things clear, just in case, although my rational mind knows that it's totally needless! He so isn't crushing on me, or anything so silly as that, and I know it, even if I do worry a little that he might be, 'cause that'd just be ew!

Let me just give the reasons why this would never work, so that I can deflate my own over-sized ego a bit!

First of all I'm way too young for him! He's 20 or 21, and I'm 16. I won't go out with anyone over 19, IRL, although in c-space, my standards would be different. But, that's just too much of an age difference! Second, he's my bud, and I'm his! Why would either of us ever want to ruin that? Sure, I used to have a mini-crush on him, but that was so long ago as to be of no consequence, whatsoever! Nuh-uh, no way, nope! Not a chance! What else... well, most importantly, there's the fact that people, male and female both, don't think about me like that! Not as romantic relationship material, I mean. Both IRL, and in c-space, I'm a just-friends, one-of-the-guys-with-a-twist sort of girl! Guys (i.e,. Brodie) aren't interested in me, with the single exception of my ex-c-guy, and girls aren't interested in me, either (i.e., Skylark).

Hopefully, others will begin to show interest, as I get older, or even sooner, although I highly doubt that the latter will happen. I would like to have a boyfriend, eventually! Or a girlfriend, if I found someone nice--like Skylark, ne?

I still hold out hope. I may actually outright ask her, once I learn her age, if she's not many years older than me! We'll see. I may chicken out at the last moment--I guess I'll find out eventually! Anyway, any ideas about people crushing on me are so obviously all in my head, and it's actually sort of funny that I think they might think of me like that! *grins, chuckles*

So long! *love and kisses, Nikki-chan!*

- Vale

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